Arcane Codex

Credit to the Creators

The magical items depicted below are not of my own creation. Thank you to the various artists/authors that created them.

Atlas Straps

Source:Dungeon Scribe

These tightly woven leather straps are inscribed with sigils of arcane power. Worn about the wrists as a loop, with the ends of the straps dangling. On command, they are connected by a corporeal ribbon of energy that can wrap around any object.

Chain of Returning

Source:Critical Role

This chain can be attached to any melee weapon. On command the chain will recoil, returning the item to it's thrower.

Channeler's Spike

Source:Dungeon Scribe

This javelin is finely crafted out of precious metals and intricately decorated with purple crystals. A soft hum can be heard resonating from the javelin when it is in the presence of an arcane adept, a nod to it's true purpose as a channeler of arcane energy.

Dwarven Fire Starters

Source:Dungeon Scribe

These knuckle dusters are forged of Dwarven steel. On command, the runes will burn hot and bright with a firey intensity until they begin to dance in the molten pools of metal.

Gauntlet of the Ram

Source:Dungeon Scribe

This gauntlet is composed of dense layers of metal over tanned ram leather. The top is decorated with an ornate metal ram's head. An incorporeal ram springs forth from the gauntlet when used while ramming or charging an enemy, adding arcane strength to the attacker.

Huginn & Muninn

Source (Image):Goldilust

Source (Ability):DnD Wiki

These twin daggers are made of ebony steel and have onyx pommels. The figure of a raven is carved into each blade. Users have been known to disappear in a flurry of raven feathers and appear wherever a dagger has been thrown. These are any rogue's dream come true.