Baron Von Strausse

Human man. Leader of Brightcliffe. Known to rule with an iron fist and a volatile disposition.

Elder Maxim

Human man. Monk at Kaldrfjell Temple. Sworn to care for the holy grounds of Kaldrfjell until his last day.

Erobelle Leonin

Elvin woman. Court Wizard of Brightcliffe. Her raven-colored hair and tribal face tattoos pair nicely with the position she holds.

Julian Seeder

Human man. Prime Lord Commander General Julian Seeder of Castle Hendraheim. He was Chonka's superior prior to her defection.

Manziver Stoutwander

Rock Gnome. Artificer and inventor that resides in Brightcliffe. A frequent participant in the underground fights below Shatterback Alley.

Tommy McHolly

Tiefling rogue. Friend of Ren's from Misthelm. Has gotten Ren out of more than one night of gambling gone wrong.

Yuron Whitemane

Human man. Village Chieftan from Karstaag. Hired party to investigate source of livestock disappearances.


Basilisk's Spine Mountains

The vast mountain range that dominates the northwestern landscape of Nidavellir. This mountain range has been explored by many but has never been charted in it’s entirety.


A large city in the southwestern corner of Nidavellir. Light dances off it while standing proudly atop a giant cliff, overlooking miles of the Cordelia Blue in every direction. It has thrived over the years due to the consant flow of traders that commute up and down the length of the Gold Coast.

Castle Hendraheim

A fortuitous engineering feat that rests at the Southern border of the Basilisk’s Spine Mountains. This stronghold is where Chonka’s story begins and was where the some of the last battles of the Great War occurred. The Commander of Castle Hendraheim, an icy cold man named Julian Seeder,is determined that the world must remain ready for a second coming.

Cordelia Blue

The vast ocean that stretches as far as the eye can see from any Nidavellian Coast. It's limits are undefined as is it's depths. It is rumored to contain great beasts that lay dormant.

Frozen Maw

A cave deep in the North-eastern corner of the Basilisk's Spine Mountains. Home to the Troll King Kurgar. It is here that the party freed a young white dragon from it's troll captors.

Gold Coast

The stretch of coast from Brightcliffe to the start of the Basilisk's Spine Mountains, north of Seawood. It earned it's name through years of development as a maritime trade route.

Kaldrfjell Temple

An ancient temple in the Basilisk’s Spine Mountains, to the east of Karstaag. This temple was once dedicated to the worship of the gods Bragi, Magni, and Modi. Used as a place of refuge during the Great War, the holy grounds are heavily scarred by years of harsh weather and seige weaponry.


A cold and quiet town on the wintery coast of the Cordelia Blue, in the Northwestern corner of Nidavellir. This corner of the country has come to depend on the tradeships that dock every few moons.


A sleepy town that consists of the intersection fo two main roads and a small dock for trade ships. This place was once a thriving corner of the Cordelian Coast, but is now filled with abandoned and boarded up buildings. The entire community of townsfolk have been turned mad by a substance called “Red Claw,” except for an old friend of Ren’s.

Spirit Crest Castle

A Castle in the Northeastern corner of Nidavellir, lost in a dense forest of weathered white birch. This is rumored to be a place of great power. This structure was built and named after the Chasm adjacent.

Spirit Crest Chasm

The scar in the world. It is rumored to be the source of the adjacent Castle’s power and that of an unknown list of things in the world as we know it. The bottom of this Chasm has never been found.

The Undercroft

The catacombs beneath the temple at Kaldrfjell. Three heroes once defended Kaldrfjell are rumored to be buried here, each with with their own weapon of power. This was discovered to be a rumor to attract adventurers in the den of a group of vampire spawn.

Volcano Island

On the southern coast of Nidavellir, due West of Misthelm, is an island dusted in volcanic ash. For the first time in a long time, a steady column of smoke can be seen billowing from a large volcano that dominates the island’s landscape.

Gods & Mystical Creatures


Aegir the father of the waves. God-ruler of the sea. Husband of Ran.


Balder the beautiful. The Sun-god, good, and pure, and bright. God of beauty, innocence, peace, rebirth and light. Son of Odin.


Bragi the rune-tongued. Bringer of melodies and meadows of wildflower. God of poetry, music, and the harp. Son of Odin.


Jörd, the primitive earth, daugther of Night. Goddess of the earth. Wife of Odin and mother of Thor.


Hodur the blind. Ruler of night and god of darkness. Son of Odin.


Son of Loki. A giant snake whose length is rumored to wrap around the world. His awakening signals the end of the world.

King Kurgar

Ice troll. Self-proclaimed ruler of the trolls and the Frozen Maw. He wore a crown made entirely of antlers.


God of strength. Brother to Modi and son of Thor.


Modi the lucky. God of courage. Brother to Magni and son of Thor.


Ran the sea-blue reaper of the depths. Ran the golden. Goddess of the sea and wife of Aegir. Mother of the waves.


Skadi the ice-born. Goddess of hunting, winter, and the mountains. Wife of Odin and daughter of Thiassi the Jotunn.


Thor the weilder of Mjolnir, Gungir, and Iarn-Greiper. God of thunder, lightning, and storms. Son of Odin.


Red dragon. Operating manager of the Red Claw distillery located within the ilsand volcano.


Tyr the one-handed warrior. Found on the wind that carries a battle-cry. God of war and the skies. Son of Odin.