Our Heroes

Origins of Legend

Renvoxlous "Ren" Prodfoot - Tiefling Rogue

Family has always been a fickle thing for me. I've never known my birth father and my birth mother dissapeared when I was still a boy. The cold was my only family for a short while after that. That is until the Prodfoots took me in and raised me as one of their own kin, even though I was quickly taller than them. We lived in beautiful Brightcliff and boy did I love that place.

I worked endless odd jobs around town, befriending most everyone I worked for. Once I was of age I decided to make a pilgrimage to the Spiritcrest Chasm and back. The world was something that needed to be explored my family said and thus began my four year pilgrimage.

Upon returning back to Brightcliff, my family's burrow was empty, looking like it had been for some time. No one in town answered my questions when I asked what happened, all averting their eyes. So I struck out again on my own, to find out what happened to my Prodfoot family.

Rotanim "Rota" Ret - Warforged Ranger

For as long as I have existed, I have worked to maintain the balance of good and evil in the realms. If either one were to get too strong a foot hold the consequences for the multiverse could be catastrophic. Long ago there was a disturbance on the mortal plane, evil was amassing in great force and shifting the delicate balance I had been working to maintain. However, the sight that lay before me upon my arrival was far more dire than I could have predicted. Once dormant terrors had begun to stir as the scales started to shift in their favor. I found myself in a land ravaged by trolls whose swathe of destruction spanned farther than my optic sensors could detect. I began my work immediately.

For months, I eliminated them one by one, until the scale had begun to balance. Backed into a corner the trolls were desperate, their rage pushed to the brink by the evil force that had awoken them. They ambushed me, using their comrades as bait. Wave after wave came at me until my energy was depleted. With the last remnants of my strength, I smashed the ice we were standing on, causing a glacial cave in beneath us. My intention was to sacrifice myself in a last ditch attempt to maintain the natural order, I never expected to be awoken..

Lady Chonka Khan - Dwarven Fighter

Born and raised a traditional mountain dwarf, Chonka Kahn (shun-ka kha-n) learned the harsh way of life in the unforgiving Basilisk’s Spine Mountains, she became steadfast and ruthless as the ancient mountain range itself. Her strength and tenacity naturally led her to seek greater challenges and joined the fight against the Frost Trolls in the Great War. A student not just a soldier, she is an esteemed and celebrated military strategist, having served the city that birthed her throughout multiple official roles her entire life.

A born leader, forged through combat, having to hone her skills to prove worthy amongst the men who typically reigned over society. Lady Kahn raised above all, in physicality and personality although short in stature her wisdom and strength is felt by her presence alone. A century has passed since the war and little has changed. Being a mind of war not politics, Kahn stayed out of bureaucracy favoring spending her time learning how to maneuver not just the blade but the soldiers who carry them.

Those in power only seek more power. Centuries have passed, as society grows and changes, so do it’s evils. What once was a dutiful job for the noble has become a hand of the rich and powerful. In this land, laws are only as good as those who can enforce it, but who will guard the guards themselves? Chonka Kahn studied all enemies of the state, including the politicians themselves. The rules they swore to uphold no longer confines them, well, if the laws can’t stop a sharp tongue, what strength do they have over a closed fist? As real dangers loom ahead, she swore to protect her people on the mountain so she seeks her own path for real change by any means possible.

Iolair Sky-Touched - Half-Elfe Sorcerer

The wind howled and the snow drifted deep in the Northern mountains the night Iolair was born. His mother Nahia conceived him of Tyr, God of the skies, winds, and war. Tyr appeared to mortals after a glorious battle in the Great War, reveling in the victory. A chance meeting resulted in a child with a divine soul, connecting Iolair to immense power by birth.

Iolair grew up moving from small settlement to small settlement with his mother, living simply and never truly having a home. The great expanses of the North were more comforting to Iolair than any stone street or wooden door. He never knew his father, and Nahia would only tell Iolair that he was a special child, more important than he could ever know.

On the eve of her passing, Nahia told Iolair about his father and the origins of the magic within him. The next day Iolair left any civilization behind, confused and grieving. He lived on his own, a hermit in the wilds, attuning to the powers he'd always had, but had never fully embraced. Iolair found how to channel divine and arcane power alike, focusing it through the shaft of a large feather. This brought him closer in spirit to the father he had never known, except from stories told by strangers around a fire.

On a frigid, blustery morning, some ten years since his self-imposed exile, Iolair left an offering to the gods on a stone plinth high in the mountains. On that day his fathers presence touched Iolair, revealing secrets long lost in the snows, secrets thought myth by the short lived humans a century after the Great War. Would the giants icy grip extend once again?

Iolair returned to the civilized world, knowing he had to aid his father as Tyr's flesh and blood. He had much to learn and information to gather. Perhaps the winds of war would return again.

Dearly Departed Heroes

Azu Kar - Forrest Gnome Fighter

Azu Kar, a member of the Roseguard in the coastal city of Roseport, entered our story in the courtyard of the Temple at Kaldrfjell. A nightmarish and bloody history with a Commander of the Roseguard and the search for his long-lost son set Azu on the path to join our adventurers. He exited our story in a valiant effort to save his friends from a nefarious red dragon in the depths of a volcano. He passed of forceful removal of his head from his body by way of the red dragon's toothy maw.

RIP Azu Kar - Roseguard in Absentia of Roseport - Tuesday July 27th, 2021