The Great War Part II - Operation Skyfall

Session 31

J / July 13, 2022

Summary of Events:

When we left our adventurers last, they had just finalized their plan of attack for the following day of battle:

  • Rota is going to camouflage himself in the field and wait for Seeder to approach. Ambush attack.
  • Yuron and Ammon will attack from the front, drawing Seeder into the ambush kill box.
  • Chonka and Iolair will provide support from the rear.
  • Ren and Erobelle will attack from the cliff. Erobelle will turn Ren into a hawk so he can fly overhead stealthily and snag the necklace.

The Second Day:

  • It works.

As PLCG Julian Seeder takes his final breath, a powerful storm rolls in over the battlefield. The ground shakes as an enormous thunderbolt crashes to the ground and directly into Seeder’s chest. The ground crushes underneath him, fracturing the earth. A deep snap is heard and the crack in the earth continues to grow, radiating with devilish red energy. Seeder’s body falls into the chasm, its full length bisecting the battlefield like a great scar in the world.

Ren tears the necklace open and finds a letter. It reads:

“It has been sealed away my lords. Your success is guaranteed by the security of the Dueling Mountain crypt.”


            General Julian Seeder,

            Loyal servant of the Gods
            The Hammer with which
            You will forge a new world

Session End.

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